The Builders

The Developer

Centennial Group Limited is synonymous with quality. Our history of excellence has led us to our newest development with a passion for bringing out the best value, using the best resources. We believe in starting from the best – then we bring out the truest potential in every project.

Wentworth is more than a development it is an accumulation of our team’s passion for “getting it right” and creating something simply superb. We painstakingly planned this project to bring out the best in each lot, to celebrate and protect the natural surroundings, and to create a set of building and landscape covenants that will result in one of the most beautiful streetscapes HRM has seen in years.

The Builders

Centennial has chosen to work with builders who understand the vision for this development and are experienced and excited to build exceptional one-of-a-kind homes on these choice properties. Builders and homeowners have an expansive spectrum to design the perfect home, based on natural finishes and a commitment to authentic Arts and Crafts design principles.

WCH Builders

wch builders

wch builders

WCH Builders takes great pride in working closely with clients. During the building process their personal attention to detail, professionalism and workmanship ensures every home is built to the client’s highest standards. Through dedication, hard work and 20 years of experience, WCH has established a reputation for building dream homes into reality – your home, your way.

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WhiteStone Builders

White Stone builders

WhiteStone builders

WhiteStone’s firmly committed approach to their Build Smart, Renovate Right philosophy means always staying of top of the latest technologies, lifestyle trends and improvements in residential construction. A family business since 1995, WhiteStone builds for families, crafting each home with attention to energy efficiency, comfort, beauty and lifestyle in mind.

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Gerald Mitchell Contracting

Gerald Mitchell builders

Gerald Mitchell builders

With over 35 years in the residential home construction industry, Gerald Mitchell has evolved from a one-man operation to becoming a trusted industry leader. His own master carpentry skills, conviction to his craft and commitment to homeowners provides a foundation of leadership for his entire team, and a well-earned reputation for trust, quality and integrity.

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Provident builders

With roots in historic restorations, coupled with 20 years experience in building communities, Provident is known for a caring approach to a home’s characteristics and details. A high standard for originality and quality is the foundation of a reputation for exceptional properties, and a tradition of excellence.

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Builder Associations/Certifications

NS Builder Association

Tech Ready

Canada Builder Association